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Girdle w/Hooks (Corset)
Girdle w/Hooks (Corset)
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Important Information

Begin wearing after birth on the day that you are discharged from the hospital. It's optimal to begin wearing Bellefit right after birth; however, you will still see results if you begin to wear your girdle at any time during the first 6 months after the delivery.

Here's why: Still present after childbirth for up to 6 months are hormones secreted during pregnancy. These hormones, Estrogen, progesterone and relaxin loosen the abdominal muscles, the pelvic structure and supporting ligaments and joints. Bellefit works together with your body's natural process of recovery.

The Girdle/Corset acts to retract the body by drawing in stretched muscles and provides medical-grade compression to your abdominal area. We have even heard great testimonies from Moms that began using Bellefit up to 8-10 months postpartum and were able to benefit greatly from its use.


The Corset is adjustable and has two rows of hook and eye closures in the front that are separated by an inch apart so you may tighten the girdle when additional compression is needed as you progress during your childbirth recovery. The hook and eye closures are designed with the C-Section incision in mind however it is an excellent option for either delivery method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main benefits of the Corset?
    The Corset is adjustable and has two rows of hook and eye closures in the front that are separated by an inch apart. As your body transforms after your delivery, you can adjust the setting when slightly more or less compression is needed.

    The Corset also has a convenient crotch are closure that allows you to use the restroom or change your underwear and pads comfortably without needing to take it off each time.
  • What is the difference between the Dual Girdle and Corset?
    Both the Corset and Dual-closure are Bellefit’s most popular styles since they can be used after either delivery method and offer the most adjustment options, making them ideal for all body types (Hourglass/Triangle/Rectangle/Hourglass/Oval).

    The Dual-Closure and the Corset are both adjustable and have two rows of front hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart. They can be adjusted so as time goes by, you can tighten (or loosen) your girdle when slightly more or less compression is needed. The main difference between the two styles is that the Dual-Closure (also known as a Double Corset) has the side zipper closure as well. Underneath the zipper are two sets of adjustable hook and eye closures (one near the top and one near the bottom).

    The Dual-Closure and the Corset are both adjustable and have two rows of front hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart. They can be adjusted so as time goes by, you can tighten (or loosen) your girdle when slightly more or less compression is needed. The main difference between the two styles is that the Dual-Closure (also known as a Double Corset) has the side zipper closure as well. Underneath the zipper are two sets of adjustable hook and eye closures (one near the top and one near the bottom).

    Because it has both closure options, the Dual-Closure is able to be adjusted the most out of all of the other styles. Many moms like having the option of both closures in one girdle to also be able to choose which method is more convenient for them throughout their recovery. For example, in the beginning when your swelling is at its peak, you may find that it is easier for you to use just the front closure. Once you get a little farther along you may find that just using the zipper closure is more convenient for you.

    If you still need help deciding which style is best for you, feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our specialists for personalized size and style suggestions.

  • Can I wear a Corset after a c-section?
    Yes! The front hook and eye closures of the Corset are designed with the incision in mind.
  • Can you see it underneath my clothes?
    The Corset is not bulky and is flush with your skin; however because of the closure location, it may be slightly visible underneath certain fabrics or if you are wearing a fitted top. Keep in mind though that your comfort and healing process is the most important factor!

  • I had a natural delivery. Can I still use the Corset style?
    Yes! The Corset is an excellent option for either delivery method.

  • I am unsure of my delivery method. Is the Corset still recommended?
    Yes! The Corset is an excellent option for either delivery method.

  • I am not pregnant but have had abdominal surgery. Can I still use the Corset style?
    Yes! The Corset is recommended in the case of an abdominal surgery that may or may not be the result of a pregnancy.
  • Is the Corset adjustable?
    Yes. There are two rows of the hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart so you can tighten your girdle when more or less compression is needed throughout your recovery.
  • What body type is best for a Corset?
    Since the Corset is adjustable, it is suitable for all body shape types.
    (Triangle/Inverted Triangle/Hourglass/Rectangle)
  • When can I start wearing my Corset?
    Begin wearing your Corset the day that you are discharged from the hospital or as soon as you are ready to wear it after the delivery. It's optimal to begin wearing Bellefit right after birth; however, you will still see results if you begin to wear your girdle at any time during the first 6 months after the delivery. As always, consult with your physician to make sure the Corset is right for you since every recovery process is so unique.
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Rating Much better than the velcro brand -3/1/2016
Reviewed by: Gloria K from Boca Raton, FL.

I definitely recommend using the postpartum girdle. It’s a great option to feel and look good. I started with a size L and in 3 weeks went down to a size M without exercising. I really feel the difference of using a girdle; my recovery has been faster than the first time. I am wearing it now pretty much all the time since my fourth birth and I must admit after a couple days it is more comfortable having it on than not, at least I don’t feel my tummy tissues wiggling like jell-o when walking.
Rating Best corset ever! -2/2/2016
Reviewed by: Amanda H from Austin, TX.

I did a lot of research on girdles/corsets and finally decided on the bellefit girdle with hooks corset. Best decision ever! I was nervous about sizing but if you follow instructions to a T for measuring the corset will fit! I have been PP for a week and have worn it all but 1-2 days. I can tell a huge difference in my bodies abilities when wearing the corset. My core and back feel stronger, my uterus has shrunk I believe faster than with my first child, and it allows me the keep up with my 3 year old which was really important to me and not feel weak and fragile. Best decision ever!
Rating Love it -1/16/2016
Reviewed by: jaclyn seitz from Levittown, PA.

I love the Belly Fit Corset Girdle. I ordered it to wear after my first C-section. I followed the online fitting instructions and the girdle fit perfectly. The girdle held me in and made me feel the support I needed to move around. By wearing the girdle day and night my stomach muscles became stronger and by week 4 I was back to normal. The girdle offered great support for my back and allowed me to keep up with my 8 year old while adjusting to a newborn.
Rating Finally found one that I love. It's smooth to wear -9/3/2015
Reviewed by: Melanie from El Cajon, CA.

I have been searching for a corset to wear after my repeat c section and finally found one that I love. It's smooth to wear which is such a relief compared to the binders that I had been wearing. Love the snug fit.
Rating Got to my pre-pregnancy weight in 6 months flat -8/27/2015
Reviewed by: Manta from San Jose, CA.

Of course that's combined with diet and exercise. I am 5'-5", and used to weigh 140lbs before my first child was born. For four years I carried an additional 8lbs. During my second pregnancy I gained 32 additional lbs! Within days of delivering I stepped into Bellefit and saw my tummy shrinking in four weeks. Added exercise and a healthy diet and within months I lost all the additional weight. With my last pregnancy I had relied on c-panties. While c-panties are good for c-section incisions and provides adequate comfort to walk around, it doesn't provide much compression. Bellefit on the other hand compresses the life out of a post-pregnant belly, it can sometimes hurt the c-section incision. To take care of that I had invested in scar-away silicone bands to put over the incision and everything worked like a charm! Thank you Bellefit.
Rating spanx on steroids ! All c sections moms should get one -8/26/2015
Reviewed by: MaryBeth Malen from Elk River, MN.

This corset is awesome I started wearing it around 1 week post section. I had a lot of fluid in my abdomen and I could feel the corset help relieve it. It really helped my c section pain. It is also gives my back great support especially while wearing my baby in the carrier. It is great for my posture Now 9 weeks post partum I still wear it. Everyone comments on how thin i am when I wear it . It is seriously a spanx on steroids !
Rating My post birth new best friend -8/25/2015
Reviewed by: Michelle Miranda from London, UK.

A friend recommended this corset for post partum. My baby was born by emergency c-section and my body after this is taking some getting used to. My only regret is not having this to hand for straight after birth - just wasn't aware! I understand it can be used for normal birth as well and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to feel a little more confidence in their body not only for support but for aesthetics post birth. Yes the lines of the corset are visible through thin clothing, this doesn't bother me as quite frankly it looks better than the alternative in my eyes. I only bought one in medium (scary to do up at first but it gets easier!) but loved it so much I bought an additional bundle in med & small, in the hope I fit into the small someday, hope dies last!
Rating Hopefully I will order better next time -8/21/2015
Reviewed by: Kirby McConn from Houston, TX.

I unfortunately ordered the wrong size for the girdle, but the customer service for Bellefit has been very attentive and helpful. Hopefully I will order better next time.
Rating Two thumbs up :) -8/10/2015
Reviewed by: Elissa from Elmhurst, IL.

I have been wearing the corset for two weeks since my vaginal birth, and I have seen a gradual difference in my waist size. The corset makes me feel comfortable and confident when wearing clothes. A few people have told me how good I look, & I admitted that I have something assisting my slimmer waistline. I got a large, although I was between a medium and a large, and I'm glad I got the large. I'm still on the bigger hook setting, but it has gotten easier to close the hook. My husband has had to help me several times to close corset, and it can be a little frustrating trying to close it. I look forward to seeing more results as the weeks and months pass on. August 7, 2015
Rating great product :D -7/31/2015
Reviewed by: Tom Engen Aslaksby from Norway.

I love the girdle! Bellefit Customer Service people sent me this one after I got one that didn't fit. I have to say they did a good job and the girdle helps a lot, it supports my core muscles ... a must have :)
Rating Five Stars -7/22/2015
Reviewed by: Sdl from Providence, RI.

Life saver get my post body back much quicker with this.
Rating A lifesaver! -7/15/2015
Reviewed by: Nichole Ploughe "carabangle" from Louisville, Kentucky.

This was a huge help for me in my recovery from my 3rd c-section. I wish I would have had one of these with my earlier babies. I felt so much more stable and able to get up and move sooner, which was super important since this time around I didn't have any help at home during the day and a 3 year old plus my new born. Nursing was also easier as I felt like I could sit up straighter and holding baby didn't put added pressure/weight over my scar. My only issue was that after a couple months of regular use the boning was really uncomfortable. It's possible this is because I really didn't need it any more, but I didn't feel like that at the time. Word to the wise, due to swelling after surgery this may or may not fit the day you leave the hospital. I was able to get the benefit from it within the first week.
Rating I started to use it on week 5 and it still works! Go to their page for sizing guide. -7/11/2015
Reviewed by: F. Chan from Dover, DE.

It works!
Rating I just love it ♡ -7/9/2015
Reviewed by: Priscilla from Miami,FL.

And you will love it!
Rating Corset -7/9/2015
Reviewed by: Rabina Khan from UK.

I bought the bundle package- dual corset in medium and small corset. I've been wearing the dual corset for over a week now and I've noticed a difference. My stomach hasn't gone in yet and I'm not any where near being able to put my pre pregnancy clothes on like others that I've seen on the bellefit Instagram page. I'm assuming everyone is different and it might take me longer than others. I'm happy that I purchased this and feel a lot better in myself. I'm wearing the girdle all the time even sleeping with it. I must say bellefit customer service is very good.
Rating WONDERFUL -7/3/2015
Reviewed by: Jenlbrackett from Broken Arrow, OK.

This girdle was a life saver after my C-section. It helped me heal and gave me core support. Plus it helped my stomach shrink!
Rating This is the best postpartum Corset -6/24/2015
Reviewed by: kristen from Seattle,WA.

This is the best postpartum Corset!! My stomach looks great my belly button was back in with the first time I worn it!
Rating My best purchase for this pregnancy!! -6/18/2015
Reviewed by: Jennylle Zanzi from NC.

I started as a size 2-4 in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I'm 5 foot tall with an hour glass figure. I gained 38 pounds and delivered a 6lb,13oz baby boy after an intense labor that ended up in a c-section. On my second day of recovery my doctor ordered me an abdominal binder which took two people to put on me and I wore it for two days, then I switched to my bellefit girdle with hooks, size small, on the fourth day. I squeezed into it and my husband latched all the hooks into the first row of eyes, it felt tight, but amazing! I was able to walk with a straight back and a tight core without any discomfort! The nurses were amazed at how well I was moving around without ever needing pain meds! I wore my bellefit corset 24/7, only taking it off to shower daily. My stomach shrunk immediately, and by day 5 postpartum, I was able to lie on my back in my bed and latch the hooks to the second row of eyes(the tightest closure) by myself! On day 7 postpartum, I went to my workplace to introduce my new baby and my coworkers couldn't believe how small my waist was and told me I didn't look like I just had a baby. I am currently writing this on my third week postpartum, day 21, and I am almost able to close the button on my prepregnancy shorts size 4! I will definitely be able to fit in them in another week. I intend on wearing my corset for the recommended six weeks. This has been an amazing recovery! Thank you bellefit!!
Rating A MUST-HAVE! -6/9/2015
Reviewed by: ABIODUN AYENI from Honolulu, Hawaii.

I bought the Bellefit double closure postpartum girdle and I wished I had known about it when I had my 3 previous babies. I believe that the girdle is a must-have because it assisted me to regain my pre-pregnancy size speedily and also strengthened my core and back muscles.I also felt very confident of myself in my clothes when I had to go out of the house. Bellefit customer service is very excellent, from choosing the appropriate size to attending to your needs in case of exchange or refund.
Rating I would definetely recommend -6/8/2015
Reviewed by: erikamagp from Boston,MA.

It works. Used it after surgery and helped me with recovery and getting back in shape. I would definetely recommend it
Rating This is amazing! -5/29/2015
Reviewed by: aaron althoff from Phoenix,AZ.

Do not go through a c section without one of these. This is amazing!
Rating buy it ! -5/21/2015
Reviewed by: GRACE from San Diego, CA.

Greatest girdle ever!! It helped me a lot with my recovery, its easy to wear it and it helped a lot with my c section recovery. totallly worth every penny.
Rating Loved this! Started using it too late but it ... -5/16/2015
Reviewed by: Katie from Baltimore, MD.

Loved this! Started using it too late but it still helped a lot. I really wanted something that was going to smooth out my abdomen under clothes and it did exactly that. Also helped with my back.
Rating Bellefit made a difference -5/3/2015
Reviewed by: Janine Pennington from Annapolis, MD.

Had 4 c sections this last time i wore bellefit and i was up and moving in no time. You have to get this absolutely amazing
Rating Five Stars -4/29/2015
Reviewed by: Mike Antaramian from Montpelier, VT.

Really helped me after my c section.
Rating This girdle is simply fantastic. I truly wish every expectant mother had one ... -4/26/2015
Reviewed by: Yuliya from Pierre,SD.

This girdle is simply fantastic. I truly wish every expectant mother had one as a part of their postpartum care plan. It helped my muscles tone much faster (compared to the recovery from the first delivery), I believe it made my waist get back to its normal in no time. Putting it on is a laborous process. my husband helped me with it the first time (2nd day after c-sec). Hooks did not pop, unhook on themselves. you can use a bathroom w/o totally taking off the girdle. I used the girdle less than 2 weeks, and my muscles were toned and tight. With the first baby, I did not have a girdle. It took my body months to recover! Women, you have carried babies in you for 9 months. Hurting, mood swings, swallen ankles, 35 extra pounds your skin is carrying. You did all that! Give yourself something you diserve! Get what works to help you feel and look better.
Rating This is amazing with excellent compression -4/22/2015
Reviewed by: barnett from Hartford, CT.

Wow!! This is amazing with excellent compression. It feels so good to have all around compression and it really provides back support. The best!! April 22,2015
Rating it works and makes you feel great after csectionI ordered this corset a few days before my scheduled -4/22/2015
Reviewed by: Peterson from CHICAGO, IL.

I ordered this corset a few days before my scheduled csection. It came in a matter of days. I ordered a size small. I tries putting it on two days after delivery and it didn't fit. I tried again two days later and laid down while pulling it up and hooking the hooks. And it fit. I wear it all day take it off at bed. Two days after getting it on I was able to hook it on the second set of hooks so obviously it's working great and even feels like its holding everything together. You don't see it under clothes and I haven't noticed it rolling at the top. I wish there was a third adjustment to make it even tighter, I suppose I can just order the smaller size!
Rating wish i hadn't after trying the corset it made me feel better and recover quicker -4/22/2015
Reviewed by: Miranda Gonzales from Missoula, MT.

after my c-sec i was very sore.. i waited a few days to order ..wish i hadn't after trying the corset it made me feel better and recover quicker.
Rating Back in shape for The new mom -4/21/2015
Reviewed by: Deborah Erskine from Philadelphia,PA.

Absolutely beautiful, the perfect corset to put you back in shape, great support after the baby’s birth; also great if you have had a c section. Over all it does wonders for your entire body.
Rating Five Stars -4/6/2015
Reviewed by: Sonia H. from Charlotte, NC.

Help flatten my c section area after giving birth
Rating A must if you have a cesarean! -4/5/2015
Reviewed by: Michelle from Omaha,NE.

If you are hesitating buying this and you've had or are having a cesarean than do not hesitate any longer and buy this! I had an unplanned cesarean and wish I would of had this right away. I waited until I was 3 weeks pp, it helped so much! The pain and swelling was put to bay with this. It is definitely worth the price and I highly recommend ordering this asap after your procedure. They ship very quickly!! April 5,2015
Rating Great purchase -4/3/2015
Reviewed by: Virginia from New York, NY.

Haven't use it yet, but looks great. Delivery and purchase on time and without problems. Two friends have used it and they speak wonders about it
Rating I recommend this for any woman looking to regain her figure ... -4/3/2015
Reviewed by: Eileen Rey Bakas from Sterling Heights, MI.

Bought this for my daughter to wear after her c-section. She loves it. It holds her in and has allowed her mid section to get back into shape again. I recommend this for any woman looking to regain her figure after pregnancy. It's pricey but worth it
Rating Highly recommend! -4/2/2015
Reviewed by: Rachel from Lansing, MI.

When I first put this on after my c-section I couldn't even close the clasps. I just wore it to make my incision feel more secure! After a week I could close all the clasps on the larger fit, by the second week I could almost close the smaller fit clasps. I 100% believe in this product. I was able to lose my baby weight quickly! Highly recommend!
Rating Five Stars -3/28/2015
Reviewed by: Samara Ramirez from Oakland, CA.

Amazing!! Good quality
Rating Great post partum support!! -3/26/2015
Reviewed by: Amanda Williams from Colorado.

Having my second child I was a little nervous about returning t my pre pregnancy figure. I had read all the reviews and thought, why not give it a try? I gave birth to my son naturally on Sunday and ordered the girdle a day later. By that Friday I had recorded it and could only hook a small to the first row. By the second week, I was able to go to the farther second row. I was wearing my jeans and regular clothes in no time!! I am now almost 6 weeks out and am ready to order an extra small!! The support is amazing and it is so comfortable to wear!!
Rating Five Stars -3/21/2015
Reviewed by: Ginelle Callender from Newark, DE.

I use it everyday!
Rating Necessary post c section item -3/20/2015
Reviewed by: Senny D from Salt Lake City, UT.

I purchased this prior to going to the hospital. I wore it for the first few weeks after my C-section. I feel that it helped support my back when I needed to lift my baby. I also feel that it helped with getting rid of the excess water that I retained during my pregnancy. It was easy to get on and I like the snap at the bottom which made it easy for using the restroom. 03/02/15
Rating Excellent Support -3/15/2015
Reviewed by: M King from Miami, FL.

This girdle is awesome. When it first arrived, I was extremely worried that the Small size would not fit - the first time putting it on was incredibly difficult. However I am glad I opted for the small, rather than the medium because I believe in order to work, its supposed to be slightly uncomfortable, and secondly, the idea is to hopefully lose weight over the coming weeks, so the "tightness" should be relieved. I am 5"7' and a size 4, and the Small was a good fit. One of the reasons I love this girdle so much is because immediately post-partum, I literally felt like I was going to fall apart and that my insides were going to drop out of me - this tight fitting girdle was a welcome relief that helped hold everything "in place"! This is what I consider to be a real corset - its a very well-made and sturdy design that does not collapse when you sit down or move around. I do wish that it went an inch or two higher, to directly under the bustline, because this means there is a slight bulge between corset, skin & bra-line.
Rating Perfection!!! -3/11/2015
Reviewed by: Amber Bukovic from Indiana.

This product is amazing! I purchased this after my second csection and the recovery was so much easier wearing my girdle! I honestly could not function without my girdle on!! I didn't want to take it off to take a shower, that's how good I felt wearing it!! Amazing!!
Rating It makes movements much more comfortable and I feel secure -2/28/2015
Reviewed by: alisha vanden from Detroit, MI.

Size chart was spot on for me. Started wearing it a week after my c section and still wearing it a month post partum. It makes movements much more comfortable and I feel secure. It's also helped me get into my pre pregnancy jeans already ! Worth the money to me.
Rating Best purchase made during pregnancy -2/27/2015
Reviewed by: Victoria Leslie from Clarksville, TN.

This was by far the best item I purchased for postpartum healing. I was a small girl before getting pregnant and managed to pack on 45 pounds. I had hip issues, really bad sciatica, and lots of swelling during pregnancy. I ordered the small and medium Bellefit and hoped for the best. They arrived within the week I placed the order, which was 2 weeks before I delivered. I wanted to wait as long as possible, to get the correct measurements. I was induced at 39 weeks and took the medium Bellefit with me to the hospital. I didn't have to lay down to get the corset hooked, I really imagined it would be a hassle getting into it. By day 2 I could see a huge difference in my stomach. By 10 days postpartum I was back in my size 8 jeans, and 3 days later I was in size 4's. I still haven't started wearing the small corset yet, I plan to do that at 21 days postpartum. Also, there were days I needed to take the Bellefit off, for whatever reason, and I could see a major difference in how my back and abdominal area felt. Having that tight support really helped with back pain.
Rating fast results! -2/27/2015
Reviewed by: M. Gray from Tallahassee, Florida.

I am 4 weeks postpartum and I have been wearing my bellefit since I returned home. I have been wearing it throughout the day and it is very comfortable and breathable. I am down below my pre-pregnancy wait! My family was staying with me for the first few weeks and were shocked at how well it worked and how quickly I was able to regain my shape. It is wonderful, I highly recommend!
Rating Worth the splurge! -2/25/2015
Reviewed by: bridget m from Pittsburgh, PA.

Wonderful. I used the corset after my second and third babies. I felt so much better having that support in my midsection. It definitely makes a big difference in your appearance as well.
Rating The best part of this girdle for me was how much ... -2/23/2015
Reviewed by: HD87 from Columbia, Missouri.

The best part of this girdle for me was how much support it gave after my c section. I was immediately able to stop taking my prescription pain meds after putting this thing on for the first time. The nurses told me to push a pillow onto my incision site whenever I laughed/sneezed/coughed, and this is essentially doing that 24/7. As far as sizing, I was on the cusp between a small and a medium (the guidelines said I should have gone with medium) and went for the small. Very glad I did because I'm one a half weeks post partum and have already moved it to the tighter setting.
Rating Five Stars -2/20/2015
Reviewed by: Krisha from Lincoln, NE.

very good
Rating Felt a little weird at first (not used to the sausage feeling) but everytime I took it off after my -2/19/2015
Reviewed by: Susie Follstad from Waterlo, IA.

Pregnancy MUST HAVE! Helped reshape my body and keep everything in. The boning on the sides hurt a bit, but well worth the results. I still use mine at 3 months postpartum and it continues to suprise me with results. Felt a little weird at first (not used to the sausage feeling) but everytime I took it off after my c-section it almost hurt to have all my insides hanging around flip flopping like jello. The corset really help keep it all together!
Rating I got it down another set of hooks and so on… it's wonderful for smoothing things out -2/18/2015
Reviewed by: Jen from Portland, ME.

1 week post c-section and I was hugely bummed as I thought I bought the wrong size and couldn't get it closed. I gave it another 3 days or so and then I got it closed with the outer hooks, then a day or two after wearing that, I got it down another set of hooks and so on… it's wonderful for smoothing things out, reducing belly swelling, and supporting the incision area. My only beef with it is the boning at the top of the ribs. I'm not sure why that's there and feel like it's unnecessary, and hurts like heck after the day of wearing it (only in that spot) - so I might try to cut the small boning out, though 4 weeks postpartum, I don't have to wear this much anymore, just if I am feeling puffy. Order the size they recommend on their sizing charts on their website! It may not fit the day after giving birth, but it will.
Rating I absolutely loved it. I've been going to physical therapy for ... -2/14/2015
Reviewed by: Emma Yslas from Norman, OK.

I purchased my bellefit before I had my baby, I started wearing it 2 days after I delivered, I started wearing on the first hooks and a week later i changed it to the tighter hooks, I absolutely loved it. I've been going to physical therapy for my back because I got rear ended when I was pregnant and the therapist checked my abs muscles a month after delivery to make sure everything was going back into place correctly and she couldn't believe how fast my abs muscles went back to normal. I know they recommend to wear it night and day but I only wear it during the day and it is still giving me amazing results. I like it so much that I am ordering another one in a smaller size.