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Girdle w/Hooks (Corset)
Girdle w/Hooks (Corset)
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Important Information

Begin wearing after birth on the day that you are discharged from the hospital. It's optimal to begin wearing Bellefit right after birth; however, you will still see results if you begin to wear your girdle at any time during the first 6 months after the delivery.

Here's why: Still present after childbirth for up to 6 months are hormones secreted during pregnancy. These hormones, Estrogen, progesterone and relaxin loosen the abdominal muscles, the pelvic structure and supporting ligaments and joints. Bellefit works together with your body's natural process of recovery.

The Girdle/Corset acts to retract the body by drawing in stretched muscles and provides medical-grade compression to your abdominal area. We have even heard great testimonies from Moms that began using Bellefit up to 8-10 months postpartum and were able to benefit greatly from its use.


The Corset is adjustable and has two rows of hook and eye closures in the front that are separated by an inch apart so you may tighten the girdle when additional compression is needed as you progress during your childbirth recovery. The hook and eye closures are designed with the C-Section incision in mind however it is an excellent option for either delivery method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main benefits of the Corset?
    The Corset is adjustable and has two rows of hook and eye closures in the front that are separated by an inch apart. As your body transforms after your delivery, you can adjust the setting when slightly more or less compression is needed.

    The Corset also has a convenient crotch are closure that allows you to use the restroom or change your underwear and pads comfortably without needing to take it off each time.

  • What is the difference between the Dual Girdle and Corset?
    Both the Corset and Dual-closure are Bellefit’s most popular styles since they can be used after either delivery method and offer the most adjustment options, making them ideal for all body types (Hourglass/Triangle/Rectangle/Hourglass/Oval).

    The Dual-Closure and the Corset are both adjustable and have two rows of front hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart. They can be adjusted so as time goes by, you can tighten (or loosen) your girdle when slightly more or less compression is needed. The main difference between the two styles is that the Dual-Closure (also known as a Double Corset) has the side zipper closure as well. Underneath the zipper are two sets of adjustable hook and eye closures (one near the top and one near the bottom).

    The Dual-Closure and the Corset are both adjustable and have two rows of front hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart. They can be adjusted so as time goes by, you can tighten (or loosen) your girdle when slightly more or less compression is needed. The main difference between the two styles is that the Dual-Closure (also known as a Double Corset) has the side zipper closure as well. Underneath the zipper are two sets of adjustable hook and eye closures (one near the top and one near the bottom).

    Because it has both closure options, the Dual-Closure is able to be adjusted the most out of all of the other styles. Many moms like having the option of both closures in one girdle to also be able to choose which method is more convenient for them throughout their recovery. For example, in the beginning when your swelling is at its peak, you may find that it is easier for you to use just the front closure. Once you get a little farther along you may find that just using the zipper closure is more convenient for you.

    If you still need help deciding which style is best for you, feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our specialists for personalized size and style suggestions.

  • Can I wear a Corset after a c-section?
    Yes! The front hook and eye closures of the Corset are designed with the incision in mind.

  • Can you see it underneath my clothes?
    The Corset is not bulky and is flush with your skin; however because of the closure location, it may be slightly visible underneath certain fabrics or if you are wearing a fitted top. Keep in mind though that your comfort and healing process is the most important factor!

  • I had a natural delivery. Can I still use the Corset style?
    Yes! The Corset is an excellent option for either delivery method.

  • I am unsure of my delivery method. Is the Corset still recommended?
    Yes! The Corset is an excellent option for either delivery method.

  • I am not pregnant but have had abdominal surgery. Can I still use the Corset style?
    Yes! The Corset is recommended in the case of an abdominal surgery that may or may not be the result of a pregnancy.

  • Is the Corset adjustable?
    Yes. There are two rows of the hook and eye closures that are separated by an inch apart so you can tighten your girdle when more or less compression is needed throughout your recovery.

  • What body type is best for a Corset?
    Since the Corset is adjustable, it is suitable for all body shape types.
    (Triangle/Inverted Triangle/Hourglass/Rectangle)

  • When can I start wearing my Corset?
    Begin wearing your Corset the day that you are discharged from the hospital or as soon as you are ready to wear it after the delivery. It's optimal to begin wearing Bellefit right after birth; however, you will still see results if you begin to wear your girdle at any time during the first 6 months after the delivery. As always, consult with your physician to make sure the Corset is right for you since every recovery process is so unique.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
Rating Great product and amazing customer service -9/19/2014
Reviewed by: TINA M. VILLANUEVA from Rehoboth Beach, DE.

I unfortunately purchased the wrong size and then had an allergic reaction to medications during my c-section which caused me to retain a severe amount of water. When I contacted the customer service department they were very understanding and eager to assist me. They provided the correct size and I love this product. It is worth every penny and again what a pleasure to deal with! 04/27/2014
Rating Awesome girdle -9/19/2014
Reviewed by: Danielle Fleagle from Waco, Texas.

I saw this product on line and couldn't wait to try it after I had my daughter. I have been wearing it for 5 weeks now and after 2 weeks I saw a huge difference! I tell all my friends about it! 8/22/14
Rating Five Stars -9/19/2014
Reviewed by: Haidee Dunlap from Akron, OH.

The best! ;) 8/21/14
Rating This is a must for being able to get up -9/19/2014
Reviewed by: Samera Aklin from Tacoma, WA.

This is a must for being able to get up and move around after a c-section. Without this, getting up would require me to hold my belly and wince in pain or ask my husband for help. With this, I could get up on my own and was just overall more mobile and agile. 08/22/14
Rating great support -9/19/2014
Reviewed by: Karen Mullen from Albuquerque, NM.

love it! no zippers, not pinching, just pure support. stays up exactly the way i want it. 9/20/14
Rating Love it! -7/21/2014
Reviewed by: Gerrie Aik from San ramon.

2 months prior to my duedate a co worker of mine told me about belly bandit. While browing through it in youtube trying to get reviews i ran into bellefit video instead. I started looking into it by going to their website and read all the reviews and testimonials i was convince. It took me awhile to actually made up my mind because i never used any postpartum girdle from my first pregnancy and it's pretty pricey. So i had to show it to my husband to get some kind of approval. He look into it and he said why not so 1 week prior to my due date i ordered the bundle #2 which is the corset and the side zipper type. I was super excited about it when i got it in the mail which I received within 2 business days. Fast forward... i started wearing the corset when i got home from the hospital. I kept it on 24/7. I only remove it when i take a shower or wash it. So far im loving the results. I could fit my size 6 jeans already and i was very surprise. Everyone keep asking me how i lost my tummy and what i've been doing to look slim right after a couple of weeks. Bellifit does gave me more self esteem that i actually take my time getting ready when i go places. Which is a plus because with my first pregnancy i didnt felt this great. So yes i would totally recommend bellefit to anyone. Not only help me feel great about myself but having it on help me mpve around without the pain. Cause i felt like a truck ran over me after i had my 7lbs baby. I never had those pains with my first so it was very helpful that i had the bellefit on. I could move around without a problem. I also notice cause of bellefit it helps me with my food intake. I dont over stuff myself like i was doing when i was still pregnant. So i love this product. So thank you bellefit! 😆
Rating Smooths and Tucks Just Right -7/12/2014
Reviewed by: Vanessa Cayer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I received my Bellefit Corset within the same week of ordering, and was very happy to have it for a special night out. I felt more confident and looked great in the dress I wore. As moms know, the post pregnancy belly is less then flattering and makes us want to run for those baggy shirts and yoga pants. This item will have you pulling on the fitted tees again with confidence. I'm not a petite gal by any means, but the fit makes you feel smoothed and maybe not perfect prebaby body, but enough that the image is very close. I wore this to my dance class, as well as when I go for walks with my daughter. Even in extreme hit it was neither irritating nor chafing. It should speak volumes that it has been worn for hours of dancing too! Good luck all you moms out there!
Rating Honestly I wish I could return it -6/30/2014
Reviewed by: kellie thier from The Northwest.

The quality and construction is great, but it didn't work out for me. I had to wash it before wearing it/trying it on because of my sensitive skin. I will break out in hives. It didn't roll when I wore it, but I had a c-section and it irritated and rubbed the incision site so bad that it opened up a bit. I had to wait until it healed more before trying it on again and by then I was past the 30 day return policy anyway. It still caused discomfort on my incision. Also, the crotch closure was very uncomfortable. It's very stiff and dug into my thighs so terribly that I had to walk like a cowboy. I really tried to like it. Maybe someone at the company is reading this would be willing to issue a refund as a sign of goodwill or exchange it for something else entirely?
Rating Best product ever!! -6/28/2014
Reviewed by: Angela Perry from Washington, Dc.

I retained a tremendous amount of fluid during my pregnancy and my size two frame had expanded quite a bit. I began wearing the corset three days after I had my daughter and have gone from size M to size XS in less than 90 days. My core is solid, my back was strengthened, and the definition in my midsection has returned. This product lived up to its reputation and beyond. I couldn't be happier and will use it for my next pregnancy. I have told anyone who will listen to purchase this product. Thanks Bellefit!!
Rating Uncomfortable, but it works -6/13/2014
Reviewed by: Jill Provancha from Minneapolis.

I expected really great things after researching many products and reading these reviews. I've worn other girdles in the past and know that compression garments aren't meant to be comfortable, but I was disappointed with how this wears. I'm an hourglass shape and I ordered the size recommended for me, but the girdle folded in oddly at my waist. The seams really dug into my skin and left painful marks. It's way too noticeable to wear under clothes as well. With these issues, I wasn't able to wear it but a couple hours a day. Even so, my stomach did shrink some, and I'm back in my pre-pregnancy jeans after gaining 30 lbs while pregnant.
Rating Great product!!!!! -5/26/2014
Reviewed by: Brandi Eubanks from Tampa, Florida.

In preparation for my 4th c-section I decided to purchase the Belle fit corset after reading all of the great reviews and I am very happy that I did. My recovery was much easier this time around! I started wearing my Belle fit two after leaving the hospital and it gave me the support that I needed to care for my other children with very little discomfort. It has now been two weeks since delivering my son and my stomach is almost back to normal!! Great product!!!!
Rating love it! -5/9/2014
Reviewed by: Brandy from new jersey.

I did a LOT of research before I ordered and after reading all of the glowing reviews, Bellefit was the only option for me! Love it just as much as I had hoped I would and it has been a lifesaver. Highly recommended but definitely call them when picking out your size and style. I had planned on ordering the zipper but with my hourglass shape it would have been the totally wrong thing and they were so helpful with guiding me in the right direction.
Rating Love, love, love your product! -3/28/2014
Reviewed by: Michelle H from Ohio.

This is my second c-section and I wish that I knew about your product with my first! I started wearing the corset 2 days after my surgery and I don't take it off except to shower. The corset makes all of my every day activities much easier and A LOT less painful! I lift my daughter, do laundry, cook dinner, wash dishes, and do EVERYTHING with it. I was making such good progress I actually had to buy the small size and start wearing that after 2 weeks!! My daughter is only 3 weeks old (DOB 3/4/14) and my stomach is flat already! THANK YOU Bellefit!!!!!!
Rating Corset Medium -3/12/2014
Reviewed by: Barbara Velasquez from Cairo, GA.

I was 145 lbs before becoming pregnant with my baby and went up to 169 by my 38th week. I bought the Corset Medium becuase its what the sizing guide calculated and I wore it the day I got home from the hosipital and by my 3rd week postpartum I was already in my regular clothes and wearing it at its tightest hook!!!! I had to call customer service and ask whether I had stretched it out but the scale didn't lie and neither did the mirror! I couldn't believe it but I needed the small and im actually a 2 jean sizes smaller than what I was before I even became pregnant. Im so impressed with my results that I share with everyone how great this product and I hope this review helps!
Rating Wore this everyday for 4 weeks -3/12/2014
Reviewed by: Maria Langley from Antioch, IL.

I loved the idea of wearing a corset after having my baby because I have always been a fan of waist training and when I read that Jessica Alba wore one after her baby, I was so excited to wear it and get back to shape as soon as possible. I started at 125 before pregnancy and went up to 150 and I was able to wear the Medium right away and in 4 weeks I was 125 again and I was able to work out and feel like my old self! I wore the Tighty Wifey as well to work out and even wore together. Its amazing!
Rating Best invention since the epidural! -3/7/2014
Reviewed by: Johnette O'Neil from San Diego, CA.

I wore both the Medium and Large in the Corset. I gained 58lbs in my pregnancy and I needed both because once I got home from the hospital, I couldn't hook up the Medium all the way so the large was the one I wore first, I was in the Medium within 3 weeks and I couldn't be more impressed with not only the garment, with women in general and the fact that we can change back to our shape so fast with this girdle. Please use this product if you want to recover faster and a lot less pain!
Rating 3 generations of girdles -2/27/2014
Reviewed by: Raymunda Perez from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Both my grandmother and mother wore girdles after the births of all of their children and of course, I was obliged to research and find the perfect one for me. In this day and age with the accessibility of the internet, I was able to find Bellefit through forums and blogs everywhere. I even read that Jessica Alba wore a corset to help after her delivery and finally chose to go with the brand that screams "Pregnant MOMS MUST HAVES". I am so impressed with the quality of the fabric and when grandma and mom saw it, I was convinced I made the right choice. They both said that the corset I bought was amazing and they wished that they had one like it for their recovery! I was immediately in it after the c-section and was back in my jeans in 2 weeks!!! I RECOMMEND!
Rating Momma and Daddy's new best friend! -2/25/2014
Reviewed by: Monica Yurga from Baker, NC.

My husband loves that I was back to my natural curvy shape after only 3 weeks of having our first baby! I was so worried I wouldn't go back to my shape and I know after the birth, its hard to work out and eat right so I made him buy this not only for myself, for both of us! I am now 4 months postpartum and we are actually pregnant again!I WILL BE BUYING AGAIN! (especially after this next & last baby and tubal ligation!LOL!)
Rating Great for after the baby! -2/21/2014
Reviewed by: Elen Borque from Palm Beach, FL.

I needed some support after my 2nd Csection and heard great things about bellefit online so I invested and I am extrelmely satisfied with the quality of this garment. Worth every penny! I am already wearing my size 5 jeans in less than a month!
Rating excellent product -2/20/2014
Reviewed by: Ellie from United Kingdom.

Excellent product. Great support. Using it post c section am normally a size 10-12, and ordered a size small which fit after 2 weeks. Wear it 12-14 hours a day and it really does support you as you shrink. Would definately recommend esp. If you've had previous children, this is my 3rd and I need all the help available :-)
Rating My experience with the Bellefit Compression Girdle -2/11/2014
Reviewed by: Harmoni Pliego from Mesquite, TX.

This may be a long post for a review, but I was so impressed with the results from this product I have to give the details! I have 2 kids (ages 3 1/2 & 1) and found out after my first that I had a severe diastasis recti and was given no help or answers from anyone, including doctors, of how to help. I also had a C-section, which added another element to the issue. When I was pregnant with my second I was researching like crazy trying to find something that might help and I found Bellefit's compression girdles. I decided to give them a try and had them ready to use straight from the hospital. I cannot tell you how much this product helped me! I had to have another C-section with my 2nd child and I used the dual closure girdle starting on day 2. I had to have my husband help squeeze me in & zip me up but I found the results to be almost unbelieveable. It held everything in, offered incredible support & even helped with the pain! I discovered this because when I tried to stand up without the girdle I could hardly breathe because of all the weight of everything pulling out & when I put the girdle on I was fine! It made my recovery so much quicker and I was off my pain meds much faster than my first experience. I bought a bundle package off 2 sizes so I could continue wearing the girdle after the initial weight loss happened in the first couple weeks. The second girdle I used was just the regular front closure corset. It has 2 different sets of eye hooks so you can continue to have the pressure you need as you get smaller. The noteable difference these girdles made for me was physical in that they supported my back & stomach tremendously and helped keep my incision together, but it was also a huge help for my self esteem. I was able to get out & about so much faster this time because I felt a lot better about myself. I have been recommending this product especially to any of my friends who are having a C-section because I wish so much that I had known about options like this when my first child was born. If you can relate to anything I just shared, please check out this product! It is well worth it.
Rating Highly recommend!! -1/19/2014
Reviewed by: Nataliya King from Va beach.

This is a great product that works very well!! I had a vaginal delivery and started wearing it on the 2nd day. So far it's been just a week, but my belly shrunk visibly a lot! The quality of the girdle is outstanding!!
Rating Not Happy! -1/6/2014
Reviewed by: Marcela Holguin from El Paso.

I ordered my bellefit corset w front hooks a month after my delivery! I had read all the positive reviews and was very excited to get and start using it! On the first day I wore it the whole day and everything was perfect! That night as I was taking it off one of the side plastic tabs made a pop sound, I realized it had broken in half. I was very disappointed! BELLEFIT COMMENT: Dear Marcela, please contact us so that we may resolve your issue. Your satisfaction is our priority, we want to make sure you have a girdle that you can use and benefit from.
Rating Bellefit is magic!, -12/24/2013
Reviewed by: Melanie Borden from USA.

I purchased bellefit before I had my baby. I had a section and gained 40 pounds. I was incredibly nervous to wear it over my incision. The day I discharged from the hospital I wore it home. It made me feel so much more comfortable. It's been 1 month since I had my baby and I have worn the L,M, in dual S, and today I ordered the XS in the corset w/hooks. I have basically ordered 1 a week. have lost 37 pounds so far and the bellefit has definitely contributed to my fast weight loss! I love the bellefit, and would strongly reccomend this to any mommy :))
Rating Love my bellefit! -12/17/2013
Reviewed by: Sarah Williams from Anchorage, AK.

I am 5 weeks post Csection and my tummy has significantly shrunk in the 4 weeks that I've been wearing my bellefit. I moved to the smaller set of hooks by week 3! I will probably need to buy the next smallest size within a few more weeks. I love how everyone tells me how great I look and I attribute it to the bellefit. Love love love it!
Rating great for c section -12/12/2013
Reviewed by: krysti from Cambridge, OH.

I had a c section and this helped with my pain so much. it's just a little difficult to get on and off at first if you're in pain, but it gets easier.
Rating Zipper & Corset Bundle! -12/12/2013
Reviewed by: Stacy Lombardo from Utica, NY.

I bought the Zipper-Small and corset X-Small bundle because I had a Csection so I was using the Corset for the first 8 weeks of my recovery and dropped down to a XSmall once my incision healed and I was ready for that size. I wore a size 2 pre pregnancy and went up 45 lbs and after using both of the girdles, I am back to my starting weight and even better than ever. The XSmall zipper girdle was a bit tight at first but I was able to wear it to work and now I still wear it around the house and back in my regular clothes. I am a true believer in this product and encourage all moms to invest in it.
Rating At 2 months postpartum, I have to credit my tummy to this! -12/4/2013
Reviewed by: Brandy from Florida.

I was really nervous to spend this much on a postpartum corset, especially because I was between sizes and afraid I'd order the wrong thing. I looked on the website to find that my size bordered Medium and Large, but my number fell on the size of a Large. So, I bit the bullet and ordered what was recommended, the Large (I was one number away from the Medium). I got the corset in and it fit great. Had I gotten a medium, it would have been too small, so the sizing is true to size...just be sure to measure correctly. I had a c-section and this did not bother my scar at actually made wearing pants bearable again! The material is quality and really sucks you in well. I didn't have the problem of it rolling over at the top like I read in other reviews. My only complaint might be the wire that runs along the pokes a little at my hips. It's not painful, just a little annoying if I don't have the corset pulled up all the way. I am happy with my purchase and absolutely see a difference in my tummy when I take it off everyday. I didn't wear the corset on the weekends and noticed I didn't look very tucked in at the end of the day, so I can tell it works. It's been two months now and I absolutely think my tummy went down faster because of this.
Rating Worth the Money -11/27/2013
Reviewed by: Christine Baker from Middletown, RI.

Overall, this is a great high quality product and I am really happy that I stumbled upon it while searching for postpartum compression. I wasn't able to wear it until almost a week after my unplanned C-section. I could barely lift my legs off the ground so my sweet husband had to help me into it. When I finally did get it on, I found it to be much more comfortable than I expected. I wore it for 2 days before I showered again (gross, I know) and it wasn't until I took that shower that I REALLY appreciated it. I was in SO much pain without it compared to when I had been wearing it. I hadn't realized how much support it was actually giving me. This was my first baby, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I am trimming up pretty decently too. I know every body is different, but 2 1/2 weeks after delivery I don't look pregnant (just heavier and thick around the middle) so I feel at least some of the credit for that should go to this compression binder. This is a pricy item, but considering the quality and what else is on the market, I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.
Rating Highly recommended! -11/26/2013
Reviewed by: Lorena Rodriguez from Pharr, TX.

First of all, I would like to say that I wouldn't be posting a review with a rating of 5 stars if I wasn't truly satisfied with the product. I delivered my 2nd child on Friday 11/22/13 and started wearing my girdle the next day. I have been wearing it 24/7 since then. Although, it's only been 3 days I can already see a significant difference. The girdle is very easy to put on and it gives great back support. The material is great quality. I order a large and a medium however, when I tried on the large it was a little bet too loose. After trying the medium I knew right away it was a better fit. I strongly recommend that if you buy a bundle try on the smaller size first. I would definitely be ordering a small and an extra small as needed. Customer service its very helpful and really try their best to make your shopping experience a pleasant one!
Rating Works great. Did its job -11/22/2013
Reviewed by: N Saleh from Beverly Hills, CA.

This binder works great for c-section recovery especially if you are experiencing pain and discomfort. It also helps shrink your waist down quickly. I just wish they made this in an xxs. Keep in mind that if you are wearing tight clothing, the clips may show through...
Rating Must have for new moms! -11/20/2013
Reviewed by: Maran Frank from Birmingham, AL.

I purchased this product a few months before my scheduled c-section. I read that girdles and corsets help the remaining baby belly go away after delivery and my doctor thought it would offer good support so that i could return to daily activities quicker, so I figured I'd try it. I am so glad that I did! I put this on 3 days after my c-section and immediately it made moving around so much easier. It felt like it was "holding me in" around the incision. An added bonus-5 days after i had my son i was back into my jeans!I purchased a small and x-small. The small I wore for 24 hours a day for the first week only removing it to wash it and shower. By the second week I was into the x-small which I wore for 5 weeks for support. My stomach is almost back to normal and I haven't done anything except short walks to lose the weight. This product is amazing and I recommend it to everyone for post pregnancy. I have 3 friends that have also worn them post pregnancy and they feel the same as I do about this product. It gives the best support possible, helps with your posture and makes your recovery time so much faster. An added bonus is that it makes your belly flatter quickly :)
Rating 6 months post baby -11/18/2013
Reviewed by: Tori McCormick from texas.

I ordered my bellefit six months after a c-section. I was given a medical grade band to help with post op swelling. I used that for a while but it was bulky under clothes. I like the bellefit corset but wish I had started using it sooner. I can tell it helps hold my muscles in but I am not seeing a great improvement in the size of my stomach area. I have only used it 2 months though. Only negative is the top of the corset digs into my skin. Otherwise I think its a good product.
Rating Incredibly Pleased -- Would recommend to anyone! -11/11/2013
Reviewed by: Stephanie Maloney from Avon, CO.

I am so happy with the results I have had with the Bellefit Corset and I am only 9 days postpartum with my second child! From my experience with my first child, not bouncing back quickly (at all -- it took 12mo of clean eating, Bikram yoga, and PureBarre to hover 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight), it is a huge emotional relief to feel as though I'm regaining a bit of my pre-pregnancy identity. Aside from the obvious boost to my self esteem (I am already measuring where I was 6mo postpartum with 1st), the Bellefit Corset has helped me keep good posture while nursing and doing tasks around the house. I ordered a bundle directly through their website and chose my corset size (S) based on their size guide - definitely follow that! I bundled it with the Girdle with Zipper in an XS, which is smaller than their recommendation and too snug for me. Personally, with how quickly I saw results, I need an XS now in the Corset, but would need a S in the different style of Girdle with Zipper (I am hourglass shaped) -- thanks to their awesome Customer Service I am going to exchange the Girdle with Zipper for the next size! The quality of product is awesome and definitely worth the price, it is also comfortable to wear! I wish I had known about it with my first pregnancy and will happily pass this discovery along to anyone needing help recovering their body postpartum. It would also make an amazing shower gift!
Rating HIGHLY recommend - fantastic product that really works! -11/7/2013
Reviewed by: Bo Galieo from Fort Collins, CO.

Wow! There is a reason so many post partum ladies are talking about this product. Its fantastic! My recovery this time from a twin pregnancy has been quicker and easier compared with my singelton. You will need 2 sizes so purchase the dual package offer direct off their website if possible.
Rating must have after baby -11/4/2013
Reviewed by: Nicole Hannah from West Valley City, UT.

love this, it worked so great to get me back in to my pre-pregnancy pants in just 3 weeks. it was super comfortable and easy to put on after my c-section well worth the price
Rating Highly Recommend C-Section Corset -10/31/2013
Reviewed by: Desiree Mejia from IRVINE, CA.

The Bellefit Corset has been amazing. I had a C-Section in early October and began wearing the Bellefit Corset in size small four days post surgery. Not only does it feel better when the corset is on, but I was back wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans within two weeks of using the Corset! I have felt so much better with the Bellefit Corset and so many people have asked me what I have been doing to get back into my pre pregnancy clothes! The only item I wish the garment had was a thong back to reduce the panty line in jeans. I had read many of the reviews and I am so happy I purchased the Bellefit Corset. Here are my suggestions/comments: Buy the package with two - amazing how quickly you will need the smaller size Washes and dries quickly Easy closure to use the restroom To conceal the eye hooks wear a tank top over it and it is way less noticeable Customer service was great,as well. Overall this was an excellent purchase and well worth the money!!
Rating Does just what it says -10/26/2013
Reviewed by: Liz Montero from Broken Arrow, OK.

Very effective post partum support. Keeps everything in place, easy to use the restroom. Holds up to repeated washings no problem. You can see the hook & eye closures through most clothes that's form-fitting, so keep that in mind. Well worth the price for this sturdy garment.
Rating New C-Section Mom -10/25/2013
Reviewed by: Joshel Brown from Texas.

I have mixed feelings about this girdle. It is well made and is durable and of nice material - But - it is incredibly uncomfortable on me. I am 5'1' and usually wear a size 4 (I bought a small). It finally fit at about 3 weeks post-partum, but I can only wear it for an hour or two before discomfort makes me take it off, so I don't wear it somedays. The top covers my ribs as if I am too short for it, and the bottom attaching part underneath is too wide and has hard edges. I have a friend who got one of Bellefit's girdles (after a natural birth), and she just wears it with the underside unattached. I tried that, but then the lower front portion of the girdle gets a deep crease exactly over where my c-section scar is, and it hurts too much to wear it open like that. I still wear it sometimes in hopes of improving my belly's tone quickly, but I am frustrated with the product. My recommendations to the company: make the underpart attachment narrower and softer, and make a petite version.
Rating Ms -10/24/2013
Reviewed by: Trish Kalawsky from Stony Plain, AB Canada.

After reading many positive reviews, and much research, I ordered this corset to help me recover from a scheduled C-section. It was quite expensive. Although the corset did provide support over my incision, the over all fit was so poor (I did order the correct size) that I rarely wore it. It is a very short corset and I found it came up far to short in the torso leaving a very obvious "roll" above it between itself and my bra. The fit around the bottom was just as bad with it leaving the most terrible "panty lines" by digging into my butt. The overall result was uncomfortable and very unflattering under clothes. I looked better just letting my gut hang out. I was left very disappointed and wished I had chosen another post partum belly product. This problem could be remedied by lengthening the whole garment, or providing an extra band of fabric with hooks that could extend the bottom of the corset to better suit all body lengths. I hope this feedback is taken into consideration. Thanks.
Rating Don't hesitate - buy now! -10/22/2013
Reviewed by: Victoria Cannizzo from HOBOKEN, NJ.

I did a ton of research online and asked other moms regarding which postpartum corset to buy. Overwhelmingly, everyone said to buy Bellefit. Well, they were right. Customer service is top notch as they will walk you through which product is best for you. And if you need a different size, they are so accommodating and will replace it ASAP. I was s pleased with the product. It was well constructed, wore and washed well, and did what it purported to do. I felt more like myself because my clothes fit better - helped hid the post baby pooch. It helped my back feel better, which was so helpful with all the beating your back takes bending over cribs and changing tables and rocking and rocking a newborn. If you are torn as to which postpartum corset to buy, search no more. Bellefit is the best!
Rating Best buy post pregnancy :) -10/18/2013
Reviewed by: Rosia J from Tulsa, OK.

Started wearing a week after my c-section started with the looser clamp and just moved today to tight clamp. I am almost 3 weeks post op and loving this. It is very supportive and breathable. I may end up buying the smaller size in a few months just because it so comfy! I find it to be much better than spanks or a regualr old abdominal binder. I do see why people may get the zipper one. I think next time I will order the zipper one. If you wear a form fitting top you can see the outline of the clamps and it looks a little odd. If you layer though or wear a belly band or maternity pants over it is fine I have found. It is pricey but I think totally worth it!
Rating Best girdle around! -10/18/2013
Reviewed by: Vee Trin from Roseviille, CA.

The reviews are correct. This girdle has brought my waist in and kept me very comfortable during the 2 months that I wore it. It is worth every penny. The best advice I received was purchase my medium and use it for two months. And then start a small after the 2months.
Rating Love it so much I'm about to buy another one in a smaller size -10/17/2013
Reviewed by: Jay Jencon from Fargo, ND.

I bought this solely based on all of the positive reviews and I'm so glad I did. I started wearing it about 5 days after my c section. When I first put it on I could barely button it but within just a few days I was able to go to the tighter row. Now I've been wearing it only 10 days total and I'm about to buy the next size down because it's getting too big. This is my second child, second c section, and I am so happy I bought this to help me get back to my old body faster. I was also very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is and how easy it is for going to the bathroom. Highly highly recommend.
Rating Best postpartum girdle -10/17/2013
Reviewed by: Claudia Martinez from Houston, TX.

I am very pleased with the girdle. The shipping was fast and customer service was awesome. This is my third baby and I wish I'd know about Bellefit with my previous pregnancies. I would definitely recommend to everyone!
Rating amazing product -10/10/2013
Reviewed by: Joe from Evansville, IN.

This was my second pregnancy and my motivation for purchasing bellefit gridle was to get my shape back after delivery. Which I did! I started wearing it, within two weeks I came back to my pre pregnancy jeans size. Customer service of bellefit is so helpful, the women I spoke with was very helpful and even helped me with my measurements. Bellefit is the best product for postpartum healing I recommend the same to all my friends.
Rating Works great, but not ideal for tall people -9/27/2013
Reviewed by: Rebecca Nickel from Illinois.

have found the belle fit corset to work really well. It's great quality & does a great job smoothing out your belly after having a baby. My only complaint is that it is not ideal for tall women. I am 6'2" & with both the large & medium that I have worn I have struggled because they both roll down at the top. I have found that if I put a bra extender in the hooks of the crotch it works much better because I'm able to pull up the girdle where it belongs on my torso. I think Bellefit should either make a girdle for taller women or an extender so that it fits how it is supposed to on taller women.
Rating Liked! -9/24/2013
Reviewed by: Becky Gauthier from Alexandria, LA.

I really liked this girdle for post c-section! It is comfortable and better than any other product I've tried after a pregnancy. I know I'll be able to use it again for the next kid too! I am 3 weeks postpartum and can almost get back into all my pre pregnancy clothes .
Rating Worked for me... back in my pre-preggo clothes!! -9/18/2013
Reviewed by: Kally Walsh from Aurora, IL.

My baby was 9lbs 5oz when she was delivered naturally at 41.5 weeks. Needless to say, she took up a lot of space in my belly and I was really nervous about getting back to my normal shape. I am 5'10" and my pre-baby weight is about 150lbs (although I was pushing 200 by the time she arrived. yikes!)-- I lost 35 lbs in the first 4 weeks after delivery and the size Medium Girdle with Zipper was pretty snug at first, but became my best friend as throughout the "fourth trimester" (I'm glad I didn't get the bigger size). It made me feel so much better about getting dressed and going out; the Bellefit kept everything feeling tight and contained and helped my clothes lay better, without any weird lumps. My baby was born in the middle of summer and I wore the Bellefit under maxi dresses throughout most of my maternity leave, and never felt too hot. I am now 12 weeks post-partum and heading back to work in all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I would definitely recommend this product!
Rating 1 week after C section -9/13/2013
Reviewed by: C L from Brooklyn, NY.

I wanted to bring some hope and optimism to other mommies that experienced C section like me... I had C section 9 days ago- looked like I was 6 months pregnant when I left hospital. Being the type A I am and being very proactive and did a lot of research on how to speed up my recovery- the binder was waiting at home for me. I put it on 4 days after surgery- my husband helped me to close the last staples as I could not do it .. he was worried and asked if this was safe..:) well...... not only it brings great pain relief, support ... but also give you the emotional boost.. especially when caring for a newborn and a toddler. I was able to get into my post pregnancy clothes right away ( not my jeans :( but leggings- comfy pants) and definitely was able to wear pre-pregnancy tops... I do not look pregnant as this binder sucks everything in. The best part: at night- when I look in the mirror after my shower : I do not look pregnant at all - just a bit swollen ( normal) like after thanksgiving dinner :) I wear it 24 hours a day- I ordered a large ( gained 40 lb.) and I think by next week I should be able to fit in the M. I already lost 20 lb. that I attribute to water/fluid retention- as you know they pump you up with so many IV's when you are in hospital- I really think the binder help to get everything out... Good luck ladies- Pregnancy is not easy- C section is nerve racking but this binder tremendously helped me forgetting everything- my confidence is up, my pain level is manageable and my husband looks at me with admiration... he loves hearing the compliments I am getting :)